How much does window glass replacement cost

How Much Does Window Glass Repair Cost?

Do you have a window frame that needs to be repaired or do you just need window glass repairs? In either situation, the repair cost can vary significantly So what factors influence how much it costs to repair a window?

Repairing a window will cost $60-120 per hour. However, if emergency repairs are necessary, then the price might go as high as $250 per hour.

When it is not an emergency repair, one or several factors can influence how much it costs to repair a window.

The most obvious determinant of cost is the size of the glass pane, but actually, this is the least important factor. Glass should always be replaced with safety glass that complies with the Australian Standards on window glass at a minimum that is required under Australian law. Toughened or laminated glass will reduce the risk of a major accident occurring in the future.

Replacing glass on an older timber framed window is more expensive than on an aluminum window since it involves more work. The old glazier’s points and puy must first be removed and then new glass installed to replace them.

When glass is replaced by glaziers on an old double hung timber framed window or sash, they frequently run into other problems that must be addressed. Rotting timber is a very common problem. In some situations, it will be possible to repair the window on site. However, in other cases, the window might need to be taken away and repaired in their workshop or the entire window might need to be replaced.

There can be several different reasons why a window might be sticking inside its frame. In the best situation, this will be a minor issue that can be easily fixed, In the worst case, the frame and window will have to be removed and then replaced.

Whether it is a major window repair or a minor glass replacement, a major aspect of the expense will be labour. Compared to larger jobs, it is likely for small jobs to cost more since the service will factor into the travel time and make it take longer.

How long does it take to replace glass?

It will depend on the size of the window or door. A typical door will take around 60 minutes and an accessible aluminum window, on average, will take around 45 minutes. During the job, we need to have someone at home, since we usually glaze from inside the house.

Cost of Emergency Glass Repairs

Typically, glaziers charge $60-120 per hour. When emergency repairs are necessary, the price can rise up to $200 per hour. Since emergency repairs can be very expensive, the best thing to do is prepare for them ahead of time for several reasons Some of those reasons involved in 24/7 Emergency Window Repairs include the following:

It can be difficult to find a service nearby that come out at a moment’s notice
An emergency service might not be properly equipped to board a large window up until they can come back to repair it
Call out charges can vary from one service to the next

The best thing you can do to prepare for emergency repairs ahead of time is to contact several local area 24/7 emergency window glass repair services and ask what their rates are and what services they provide. Once you have determined the best service at an affordable price, keep the company’s phone number on hand so you won’t be left stranded when during a storm your picture window is broken by a tree branch.

Philip Spelman

Philip Spelman

Philip provides door and window glass repair services in the Strathfield area for Quik Window Glass Replacement and is also experienced in double glazing.

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