How to cover broken window

How To Cover A Broken Window Temporarily

One day you have windows that are perfect and then the next day suddenly one of your windows has a mysterious crack. When this happens, you will wonder what you should do about the fractured glass and your sense of urgency will be increased even further if you know a storm is on the way. It’s possible that your window can be temporarily repaired, to at least keep the elements of nature out of your home for a couple of hours or a day before you can organise a window glass replacement. In the meantime, what you should do about the broken window? These are not methods that are designed to permanently fix your windows. You should only use them if you are unable to organise an immediate emergency glass replacement or have to wait for completely new windows to be installed.

How to temporarily fix cracked glass

If your window has an unsightly crack, there are a couple of steps that can be taken so the crack does not spread to the other parts of the window. Your house should be kept sealed against drafts as you trying to decide the next step you should take. A good option for you to consider for smaller cracks that are left behind by hail or gavel is to cover the broken window with a nail varnish or transparent shellac to fill the crack in. However, the process will take some time since new layers need to be added once the old layers are dry. For bigger cracks, you will need to use glue to fill them in. You will also have to layer on top of dry layers, so this method is time-consuming as well. So make sure the window is completely clean before applying the solution. Another quick fix that is available is to apply clear packing or masking tape on both sides of a crack. The method will only work if both sides of a windowpane can be accessed. It might be harder to use this method during the winter since the frigid weather will impair the sticking abilities of the adhesive. You also need to be careful during the hot summer months, since the ape might be melted by the heat. Although these methods are only temporary, it will buy some additional time and reduce the chances of the glass completely shattering.

How to cover Shattered Glass Window or Door

Whenever you are handling shattered glass, make sure to wear eye-protective gear and good quality gloves. Place heavy-duty two-ply trash bags on the window and securely tape them inside the frame, this is a very short term fix and not recommended if you want to keep the elements out beyond the space of a few hours.. To do a proper board up which has the ability to resist wind and rain, the window or door should  be filled with plywood like this which is at least 12mm thick. Although it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, it will offer good protection from the elements until you can get the glass replacement done or replace the whole window –
There is no way to avoid it – you will ultimately need to call a professional glass repair specialist if you want to keep your current window. Fortunately, Quik Window Glass Replacement is here to help you. There is no crack, break, or chip that we cannot handle, so call us today.
Shawn Arkley

Shawn Arkley

Shawn Arkley is a glazier with many years experience providing glass replacement services and currently services the Sydney Eastern Suburbs area.

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